Big energy data value creation within synergetic energy-as-a-service applications through trusted multi-party data sharing over an AI Big data analytics marketplace. SYNERGY will introduce a novel framework and reference big data architecture that leverages data, primary or secondarily related to the electricity domain. Data coming from diverse sources, such as APIs, historical data, statistics, sensor […]


(2019 - 2022)
Smart Energy Services to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the European Building Stock Building on earlier successful experimentation outside of the EU, the consortium will design concepts and business models that will help: Generate new sources of benefits that increase the value of an energy retrofit project by enabling the compensation of energy efficiency as […]


(2019 - 2022)
E-LAND means Energy Islands. E-LAND targets to develop and demonstrate tools for energy systems to overcome the technical, business and societal challenges associated with creation of low carbon, climate resilient energy supply in challenging ecosystem of isolated, remote or rural areas. E-LAND turns the traditionally technically-driven focus upside down and begins the development work by […]


(2019 - 2022)
First generation of Local Energy Communities (LEC), also called Energy Islands, is the base for second generation. Energy Producers (DSO) want to develop it further and need to gather knowledge and data from four different demonstration sites at four different maturation stages. The goal is to bring costs down to make it even more attractive […]


Energy behaviour change driven by plug-and-play-and-forget ICT and business models focusing on complementary currency for energy efficiency for the wider population. BENEFFICE aims at reducing wasted energy by behavioural change of the population in their homes with a rewards approach based on an alternative virtual currency. This is done by installing novel IoT enabled, low-cost, […]