Energy behaviour change driven by plug-and-play-and-forget ICT and business models focusing on complementary currency for energy efficiency for the wider population.

BENEFFICE aims at reducing wasted energy by behavioural change of the population in their homes with a rewards approach based on an alternative virtual currency. This is done by installing novel IoT enabled, low-cost, “plug-and-play-and-forget” devices at home in order to monitor the energy consumption and reward the users based on their energy savings with CO2 coins.

CO2 coins as proposed by BENEFFICE are generated when the users follow simple recommendations and complete challenges as proposed by the BENEFFICE mobile application in order to adopt a more Energy Efficiency behaviour. The users can then exchange the CO2 coins with Euros or spend them within the BENEFFICE ecosystem.

CO2 coins constitute a novel economic tool, never tested so far, supporting the EE behavior towards limiting CC to 1.5°C maximum, thus promoting a carbon free growth.

Pilots are selected to cover different consumer conditions geographic and demographic and show alternative partnerships (3 ways to reaching wider consumers, 3 different climatic areas):

  • Access to worldwide customers of CO2 coin operator (Humid oceanic in France)
  • Accessing customers of large scale retailer (Mediterranean climate in Greece)
  • Traditional access to customers of Utilities (Humid continental in Austria)

The 2.7 M€ Horizon 2020 project involves in total 7 European partners from Belgium, Austria, Finland, Spain, France and two from Greece. The project period is 2017-2020.

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