We are GECO Global

We want to make a difference and make a green impact in your business model – not only “greenify” your business. Engaging with our consultancy in engineering, strategy and business environment, it is our goal to integrate sustainability into your business model – making your business lean, clean and green.

We provide consulting services and smart green energy solutions to companies caring about the planet and want to remain competitive in the future. We strive to position our client’s needs at the heart of our business and constantly take in latest innovations, trends and competences in sustainability, governance and human factor.

We advise our clients based on both sound research and practical experience to understand customer dynamics and optimize stakeholder engagement in the fields of demand response, energy efficiency, smart building, smart grid and related new business models.

We are a consultancy dedicated to stakeholder engagement and science communication in the energy industry. We have experience in actual implementation of marketing and communication in the industry and knowledge on behavioral dynamics, models and strategies from consultancy projects and research all over the world.

We have for instance designed practical strategies (e.g. design jams, co-design / creation workshops) to integrate customer feedback and requirements into technological and service development in several H2020 projects. We also have extensive experience in organising and hosting professional events and workshops as part of H2020 projects. For instance, as leader of dissemination and communication activities we have organised dissemination events, stakeholder workshops, expert coaching and training sessions.

Thomas N. Mikkelsen, Co-founder & CEO. Thomas is a leading expert in the fields of customer engagement, communication and behaviour in the utility sector. His experience is within marketing, customer apps and online services to make changes, including user involvement, customer interaction and implementation of smart energy technology. Thomas holds a Master in Philosophy.

Carsten Gydahl-Jensen, Communication Expert and HSE Consultant. Carsten is a leading expert in scientific communication, stakeholder involvement and motivation of risk owners. His expertise is within Healt, Safety and Environment in various industries with focus on the “human factor” in organizations. He has a Master in Communication and Environmental Biology besides being an socio-technical engineer in HSE. Lead Auditor ISO 45001:2018, 14001:2015 and 9001:2015.

Bonnie Murphy, Behavioural Scientist. Bonnie is a leading expert in integrating psychological principles and models into robust consumer engagement strategies. She has extensive experience with segmentation strategy, persona design, customer journey development, data analysis, and UX research. She holds a Master in Organizational and Social Psychology.

Agnieszka Haider, Project Coordinator. Agnieszka is an expert in project management and administration, and ensures that our office runs smoothly and efficiently. She has experience with working as a project manager in Brussels where she was coordinating several EU projects. She holds a Master in European politics and a BA in European law.

Mette Smed Aastradsen, Communication and Administration. Mette has extensive experience in analysis, evaluation, scientific reporting and strategic development – especially within the educational field. In terms of Communication and Marketing, she has been doing project leaflets, website development and social media content. Mette is working in project administration, budget planning and financial reporting. Mette holds a Master in Arts.