(2019 - 2022)

First generation of Local Energy Communities (LEC), also called Energy Islands, is the base for second generation. Energy Producers (DSO) want to develop it further and need to gather knowledge and data from four different demonstration sites at four different maturation stages. The goal is to bring costs down to make it even more attractive for regions and countries to invest in LEC due to enhanced welfare among the people living in LECs.

Leaning upon four demonstrations managed by large DSOs in Austria, France, Germany and Hungary, IELECTRIX aims to develop and demonstrate a set of solutions and tools for the optimisation of local energy networks to support the development of decarbonised local energy communities with a high replication potential in Europe and in India since allowing additional renewables to generate and distribute electricity at lower costs than a traditional grid reinforcement.

The IELECTRIX project takes a holistic approach to propose distribution network digitalisation, emerging power network technology integration, novel business models and possible regulatory recommendations in line with the upcoming European Commission’s Clean Energy Package. Such solutions, combined with favourable regulatory schemes, must be able to provide DSO with innovative solutions to smooth out local transitions. The project leans upon four demonstrations positioned along time evolutions of welfare brought locally by more sustainable energy systems.

The 10.7 M€ Horizon 2020 project involves in total 15 European partners from Hungary, Finland, Belgium, two from Germany, two from Austria, two from Greece, three from France and three from Spain.