Assistance in Energy Transition Projects - Consultancy - Green Solutions - Technology Clarification - Contracting

Before proposing sustainable solutions, we assist your organization in developing strategies, structures and operations to pursue your long-term projects in Energy Transition. We evaluate your needs and provide expert advices to prioritize actions. By focusing on your needs, by designing a tailor-made consulting project for you. We propose sustainable solutions using the knowledge acquired through our contracting experience and internal research within Green Solutions. This commitment type means availability, as of the project launch, of the project definition and delivery date. Management of the project is based on results with a focus on quality, cost, delivery, and KPI’s, under the responsibility of a Project Manager.


Prior to energy transition projects, we do market analysis and business intelligence mapping for optimal advisory and contribute to your projects with in-depth studies. We assess your current situation with state-of-the-art technologies, suggest opportunities according to your strategic goals and implement them into your company’s context. Our competence center is in Energy Efficiency, Smart solutions, digitalization, Waste management, CSR, QHSE and Change Management.


Beside mapping client´s needs, we do a B2B clarification project at strategic level to clarify gaps in energy transition from initial state to green emission. It is a gap analysis within the frame of a pre-audit.


Using a sustainable approach, we deliver expertise in Energy Efficiency, Health-Safety-Environment, Project Management, Corporate Strategy, and Communication. A commitment gives access to expertise, who in close collaboration with the client, will oversee project duration, and project management. It is ideal for maximum adaptability and flexibility.


  • Taking the temperature on organizations strategy for change.
  • Mapping client´s needs and align expectations.
  • Leverage of employees and management empowerment.
  • Tailored consulting project.
  • Green transition of the organization and/or products.
  • Project Management from a-z.
  • Strategy assistance, engagement and communication plans.