Big energy data value creation within synergetic energy-as-a-service applications through trusted multi-party data sharing over an AI Big data analytics marketplace.

SYNERGY will introduce a novel framework and reference big data architecture that leverages data, primary or secondarily related to the electricity domain. Data coming from diverse sources, such as APIs, historical data, statistics, sensor / IoT data, weather data, energy market data and various other open data sources will help the electricity value chain stakeholders to simultaneously enhance their data reach and improve their internal intelligence on electricity-related optimization functions. Stakeholders will get involved in novel sharing / trading models of data sources and intelligence, in order to gain better insights and shift individual decision-making at a collective intelligence level.

In this context, SYNERGY will attempt to unleash the data-driven innovation and collaboration potential across currently diversified and fragmented electricity actors, acting as multiplier of the “combined” data value that can be accrued, shared and traded, and re-conceiving real-time data sharing against traditionally bilateral contracting applied in the electricity sector, to enable holistic optimization of the operation of electricity networks and the energy performance of their constituent components (RES plants, buildings, districts).

In this way, SYNERGY enables the transition from traditional “master/slave” schemas to more complex synergies (enabled by the SYNERGY Big Data Platform and AI Analytics Marketplace) to deliver added value analytics applications and innovative energy services to the involved stakeholders towards serving their individual interests, while realizing common electricity sector goals for de-carbonization, power quality and security of supply.